We offer a wide variety of services to help businesses of all stages achieve extraordinary results

Full-Cycle Accounting

Dive into a comprehensive accounting service that captures every essential aspect of financial management. From the initial transactional documentation to the vital month-end and year-end closures, I ensure your business financials are meticulously maintained, leading to accurate financial statement preparation that’s ready for both internal decisions and external scrutiny.


Every business, whether small or large, thrives on clear and precise bookkeeping. Our services include:

Invoicing: Accurate and timely billing ensures steady cash flow.

Accounts Payable & Receivable: Monitoring and managing the lifeblood of your business’s finances.

Monthly Packages: Tailored packages to fit your business’s unique needs at a fixed rate that covers all of your needs, starting at $200/month

Payroll Services

Compensate your employees accurately and on time. Our comprehensive services include:

• Salary Calculations: Adjusted for leaves, overtime, and other variables.

• Tax Deductions & Remittances: Ensuring precise deductions and timely submissions to authorities, including WSIB and EHT.
Compliance: Staying updated with changing payroll laws and regulations.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Achieve a robust financial future by optimizing your tax position. Services encompass:

• Identifying Deductibles: Ensuring you claim every entitlement.
• Forecasting: Anticipating future tax obligations for better planning.
• Business Owners’ Tax Optimization: Expert strategies for business owners, inclusive of estate planning considerations.
• Specialized Claims: Expertise in SR&ED claims, making sure your innovation is rewarded.

Fractional CFO services

Having been at the helm as a CFO for tech companies, I offer unmatched insights for software businesses:

• R&D Tax Credits: Capitalize on every benefit you’re eligible for.
• Funding & Grants: Get expert assistance with applications and financial structuring for IRAP, OIDMTC, CMF, and more.
• Project Management: With a certification in SAFe Agile 5 I bring industry-leading methodologies to your software projects, ensuring streamlined processes and maximized efficiency.

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